By: Dr. Charles Lieberman  – Chief Investment Officer I still read quite often how stocks are extremely expensive or badly overvalued. Such a determination can’t be done in isolation. It is necessary to place the valuation of stocks into context versus other asset prices. Stocks are certainly not expensive relative to Treasury bonds...
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By: Kevin Kelly – Portfolio Manager United States, the 10-year Treasury Bond yields less than 1.5% and the 30-year Treasury Bond provides less than 2.0%, a new all-time low. The average investment grade bond yield is the lowest in history at around 2.60%. The Japanese 10-year is negative 0.07% while the German 10-year yields are...
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by Joseph Pecoraro Investors and the media look to the S&P 500 index to benchmark portfolio stock performance.  Many investors believe that by purchasing the index they have a diversified equity portfolio.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. The S&P 500 index is a top-heavy index that is weighted towards large cap, or mega cap...
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by Dr. Charles Lieberman The stock market doesn’t need a reason to go down.  Nonetheless, we remain positive on its prospects for 2020, given that we see little risk of recession, a deal with China on trade, moderate GDP growth, a resumption in growth in corporate profits, still moderate inflation and a Fed likely to keep...
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by Dr. JoAnne Feeney Portfolio Manager The broader U.S. economy appears to be growing solidly, yet many pundits wonder for just how long stocks can continue to rise. Valuations in most sectors are markedly above 5- and 10-year averages. Still, the big picture reveals that employers are creating more jobs (even with labor in short supply),...
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by Kevin Kelly Portfolio Manager 2019 was an exceptionally strong year for fixed income, as well as for the equity markets. One consequence is that 2020 will be more challenging and require a somewhat different approach. We are unlikely to see the strong returns we captured in 2019, so we must position for low rates and...
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Most every day there are multiple articles advising investors on how to prepare for the impending recession, or forecasting recession, or highlighting the vulnerability of record stock prices to the widely expected recession.  These articles reflect the need of the media to attract eyeballs and the desire of some pundits to garner attention.  Anyone can...
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By Jeff Deiss, CFP, AEP, Wealth Advisor Original Content by ACM Wealth There are plenty of articles on what your child should bring with him/her to college, how to decide on a major, and even how to deal with a new roommate, but nobody ever talks about what happens when things go wrong. Before your...
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