Forefront Market Notes: April 22nd, 2024

Forefront’s Market Notes:

April 22nd, 2024

Stocks fell for a third straight week, as Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s mixed but upbeat message could not offset the anxiety caused by the Middle East conflict.


Stocks Retreat

Markets began the week rattled by further escalation in the Middle East over the weekend. A bit of good news punctuated an otherwise sour Monday, as a stronger-than-expected retail sales report showed consumers were spending despite rising inflation.1,2

On Tuesday, remarks from Fed Chair Jerome Powell indicated a shift in thinking—from being confident to not-so-confident about interest rate cuts in 2024. He said rates might need to stay higher until the Fed meets their 2% inflation target.3,4

On Friday, the markets saw further declines, but investors were somewhat reassured by the perception that Thursday’s retaliatory actions in the Middle East were restricted in scope.5 

Source:, April 20, 2024. Weekly performance is measured from Monday, April 15, to Friday, April 19.
ROC 5 = the rate of change in the index for the previous 5 trading days.
TR = total return for the index, which includes any dividends as well as any other cash distributions during the period.
Treasury note yield is expressed in basis points.


Silver Linings

When stocks are in a downtrend, it’s important to keep perspective and realize that markets move in cycles. Here are a couple of bright spots from last week and perhaps some good news that may influence trading in the week ahead:

    • While Chair Powell said last week that the Fed may keep rates higher for longer, he also said the Fed does not intend to raise rates for now.
    • Despite inflation concerns, individuals were in a spending mood in March. Retail sales increased 0.7% for the month, more than twice the consensus forecast.
    • “Earning season” picks up during the next four weeks. For the week ending April 26, more than 800 companies will give updates on business conditions in Q1.6


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*This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific, individualized tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax professional.

Tip adapted from IRS.gov7


Footnotes and Sources

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Stock market calendar this week:

2:30 AM Dallas Fed President Lorie Logan speaks in Tokyo
8:30 AM Empire State manufacturing survey
8:30 AM U.S. retail sales
8:30 AM Retail sales minus autos
8:30 AM New York Fed President John Williams TV appearance
10:00 AM Business inventories
10:00 AM Home builder confidence index
8:00 PM San Francisco Fed President Mary Daly speaks
8:30 AM Housing starts
8:30 AM Building permits
9:00 AM Fed Vice Chair Philip Jefferson speaks
9:15 AM Industrial production
9:15 AM Capacity utilization
1:15 PM Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaks
2:00 PM Fed Beige Book
5:30 PM Cleveland Fed President Loretta Mester speaks
7:15 PM Fed Governor Michelle Bowman speaks
8:30 AM Initial jobless claims
8:30 AM Philadelphia Fed manufacturing survey
9:05 AM Fed Governor Michelle Bowman speaks
9:15 AM New York Fed President John Williams speaks
10:00 AM Existing home sales
10:00 AM U.S. leading economic indicators
11:00 AM Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic speaks
5:45 PM Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic speaks
10:30 AM Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee speaks



Most anticipated earnings for this week:

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