Forefront Market Notes: April 29th, 2024

Forefront’s Market Notes:

April 29th, 2024

Stocks staged a choppy comeback last week as investors cheered positive earnings, led by mega-cap tech stocks. The rally came to pass despite fresh data showing a slowing economy and increasing inflationary pressures.


Stocks Bounce Back. Twice.

Last week opened with a rebound rally as investors breathed a sigh of relief that Middle East tensions had eased. The market rally extended into Tuesday, with investors cheering positive corporate earnings reports. By Tuesday’s market close, the S&P 500 had gained 2% for the week.1,2,3

But investor enthusiasm didn’t last, as midweek saw profit taking in all three averages. Rising bond yields threw a wet blanket on market momentum; at one point, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note rose more than 40 basis points from its low earlier in the week.4

On Thursday, markets slipped on two fresh pieces of economic data: a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) slowdown and higher consumer prices. But by midday, selling pressure slowed. Stocks pushed higher on Friday behind upbeat Q1 reports from two mega-cap tech stocks, helping the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq post their best week since November.5


Source:, April 27, 2024. Weekly performance is measured from Monday, April 22, to Friday, April 26.
ROC 5 = the rate of change in the index for the previous 5 trading days.
TR = total return for the index, which includes any dividends as well as any other cash distributions during the period.
Treasury note yield is expressed in basis points.


Earnings vs. Inflation

Corporate earnings and economic reports battled it out last week. In the end, earnings won, at least for this week.

The big economic news was that Q1 GDP grew at a 1.6 percent annualized rate—slower than the 2.4 percent economists expected and less than Q4 2023. The GDP report seemed to support the Goldilocks economy theory—not too hot, but not too cool—a story investors have favored this year.

The PCE (personal consumption expenditures) Index, the Fed’s preferred inflation gauge, was embedded within the GDP report. Excluding food and energy, it increased 2.8% from a year ago. It was unchanged from February and slightly higher than expected. It joined a growing list of factors pointing to an uptick in inflation, complicating the Fed’s interest rate decision.5


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Tip adapted from IRS.gov6


Footnotes and Sources

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Stock market calendar this week:

None scheduled
8:30 AM Employment cost index
9:00 AM S&P Case-Shiller home price index (20 cities)
9:45 AM Chicago Business Barometer (PMI)
10:00 AM Consumer confidence
8:15 AM ADP employment
10:00 AM Construction spending
10:00 AM ISM manufacturing
10:00 AM Job openings
2:00 PM FOMC interest-rate decision
2:30 PM Fed Chair Powell press conference
5:30 PM Auto sales
8:30 AM Initial jobless claims
8:30 AM U.S. trade deficit
8:30 AM U.S. productivity
8:30 AM U.S. unit-labor costs
10:00 AM Factory orders
8:30 AM U.S. employment report
8:30 AM U.S. unemployment rate
8:30 AM U.S. hourly wages
8:30 AM Hourly wages year over year
10:00 AM ISM services
7:45 PM Chicago Fed President Austan Goolsbee speech
8:15 PM New York Fed President John Williams speech



Most anticipated earnings for this week:

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