Monday Market Update – December 20

Forefront’s Monday Market Update


When you have an 8 and 7 year old, the holiday season brings with it the same love and joy as it does for everyone, along with an incredible feeling of panic. The feeling of shooting up in bed at 3AM in a panic because you forgot to move the elf. Our elf’s name is Frankie, and I dislike him greatly. I disliked him, until last week, when my daughter, Priya, was sitting and talking to him.

She sat quietly, talking to Frankie in a whisper, thinking that I couldn’t hear her. She was asking Frankie to make sure that all of “daddy’s friends,” (I don’t call anyone a client) were brought presents as well.

She does her homework with me every afternoon so is often in my office while I am on the phone with many of you. She asked Frankie that many of you welcome safe and healthy grandchildren into the world over the next few weeks. She talked to Frankie about keeping all of you safe from Covid, and volcanos! For some reason, she thinks the world is just full of volcanos that can erupt at any time, I am not sure why.

I never forget just how lucky I am, and how grateful I am for the opportunity all of you have given me in being able to help you. No amount of words can express just how much  I appreciate each and every one of you.

Please have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy the remainder of your Holiday Season. This will be the final Forefront Market Notes of 2021, and I can’t wait to make 2022 the best year yet for all of you, and for Forefront Wealth Planning.