How to Reshape Your Money Mindset

one hundred dollar bills

Check out this U.S. News & World Report by Geoff Williams that Amit Chopra was recently quoted in, centered around reshaping your money mindset! Here’s a quick snapshot…

“Reflect on your attitude toward spending and saving decisions to shift your perspective.

Identify your bad habits. If you recognize that you’re always running out of money or can’t seem to save enough, Amit Chopra, a certified financial planner and managing partner at Forefront Wealth Planning and Asset Management in Suffern, New York, suggests removing online marketplace apps from your phone. He especially recommends deleting Amazon’s app, which he calls the “Amazon Triangle.” “It’s just like the Bermuda triangle except your money disappears,” he says. “Amazon makes making impulse purchases easier than ever before, and it can become a bottomless pit of spending.” By eliminating the Amazon app from your phone or iPad, you can break bad financial habits. ‘”This has an immediate impact,”‘ he says.”

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